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Thinking About Installing a Home Putting Green?

It’s easy! Here we walk you through the process…

Contact our friendly team via our contact page, email or phone and let us know the approximate size of the area where you intend the putting green to go (if you can send us some photos, this really helps). Let us know your location and what the property access is like.

We will then go through the following process…

Consultation: Tell us about your vision, requirements, and the available space for your project. Our team will work closely with you to gather insights that will shape the design process.

Customisation: Every putting green we design is unique. Taking into account your preferences, we tailor the layout, size, number of holes, contours, and features to match your desired aesthetic and functional goals.

Innovation: Golf4Home Free Design Service – Our design team will send you 3D images of your proposed putting green project. This helps you visualise the final outcome and make informed decisions before construction begins.

Material Selection: We offer several artificial fringe grass depth options to suit your requirements, these replicate the look and feel of real grass. Our materials are chosen for their durability, low maintenance, and true-to-life playability.

Integration: If desired, we can incorporate additional elements such as bunkers, chipping areas, and landscaping to create a complete short game practice area.

Approval: Once the design aligns with your vision, we present it for your approval. We welcome any feedback or adjustments to ensure the design is perfect before moving forward.

Payment: We ask for a 50% payment upfront to secure the job and the remaining 50% is to be paid upon completion.

Installation: Our skilled professionals take over to bring your design to life. Existing turf and ground will be removed to provide sufficient depth for a new sub-base. All waste removed is removed and disposed of responsibly.

The multi sub-base materials will then be added to ensure that weeds don’t come through, also that the green drains properly and that it won’t subside over time.

All our work is carried out with precision and attention to detail, we craft your artificial grass putting green, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality.

Completion: Once installed, your Golf4Home putting green is ready for you to enjoy. Practice your short game, host friendly competitions, and bask in the joy of having a personalised golf haven at home.

At Golf4Home we cater for both indoor and outdoor projects and offer a 10 year guarantee.

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